The Philadelphia Art Museum is an iconic spot in the city. This museum is filled with amazing art, but it’s also surrounded by the world-famous Rocky Steps, different statues, and beautiful architecture. Overall, it’s an ideal place to visit whether you live in Philly or are traveling near the area. I can’t wait for the day I snag some photos inside of the Art Museum, but for today’s blog post I’m revealing the best photo spots located outside of the Art Museum.

1. Steps at the Back of the Museum

Philly’s Art Museum is well-known for the Rocky Steps, but I’ve found this area to be super crowded every time I’ve visited. If you want to snag a picture that incorporates the vibe of the Art Museum steps, without all of the tourist traffic, then stop by the set of steps located at the back of the museum!


2. Gazebo Overlooking Boathouse Row

I’ve seen a lot of people take pictures here, but can you blame them? This spot has such a beautiful view and is worth stopping to see.


3. Pathways Near the Schuylkill

For those of you who didn’t know, there are a ton of random pathways and trails surrounding the Art Museum. Let yourself wander and you’ll find some amazing sights to see. That’s what we did, and I’m in love with all of the photos we captured!


Have a question about the Art Museum? Leave me a comment below!



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