Looking for an intimate happy hour spot? Stop by Fishtown Social Wine Bar! A couple of weeks ago I wandered into this little wine café , and I was pleasantly surprised. This hangout serves high quality liqour, beer, and wine options, as well as small bites.


Truly a place for the locals, Fishtown Social’s cocktails were refreshing and strong! I started with one of their happy hour drink specials, which was made with armagnac- a spirit I had never tried before. Next, I tried an aperol spritz (which has become my new favorite drink). This drink featured aperol liqour, prosecco, seltzer water, and a twist of orange. Expect to have a second round of drinks at this place! And maybe even a third, or fourth round (lol).


They also serve a variety of happy hour snacks! My favorite bites were the truffle popcorn and the house made cheeseboard. For the cheeseboard, I decided to try one of their locally sourced goat cheeses topped with honey, and served with fresh fruit and bread.


I already can’t wait until the next time I head back to Fishtown Social! Where’s your favorite place to go for happy hour? Let me know in the comments section below.




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