A few days ago I ventured to Helm, a quaint and relaxed BYO located on the outskirts of Fishtown. This restaurant serves american-styled cuisine and provides diners with a personable and contemporary atmosphere. They’re proud of their fresh and wholesome meals that are made with farm to table ingredients.

Helm provides a unique dining experience. Rather than the typical pre-printed menu, all of their appetizers and entrees are written in shorthand on a hanging blackboard sign. Your waiter or waitress will review and explain the entire menu with you before you order. Since their ingredients are locally sourced, their menu changes at any given time.

The best part is that they have so many gluten free and dairy free options! They’ll cater to your needs and make changes based on your dietary restrictions. AND they’re a BYO, so you can bring your fave boos if you desire!

They serve a ton of creative and unique appetizers, so if you go I recommend ordering a bunch of small plates! My friends and I had the BEST gluten free eggplant with ricotta and fresh peaches. So different, yet so delicious!

AND on your way out, stop at Dan Bortz’s mural across the street. Who isn’t always looking for a cute photo opp?




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