Fun fact about me! I LOVE organization. I feel so much better about going to work or class when I have everything that I need, and when everything is in its place. Since I’m an organization-aholic, of course I had to stock up on some back to school supplies for 2018!

When it comes to office supplies or school supplies, my BEST tip for you is to always stock up around this time of year. There are so many great sales, and a lot of companies launch new products and patterns that are so cute! Although a lot of my work for class is submitted online, I still always love to have some school supplies laying around. Even if I don’t use everything right away, as the year goes on I always end up utilizing my supplies.

This year, I did all of my back to school supplies shopping at Target. My favorite brand of school supplies is Yoobi. For every Yoobi product you buy, they donate one item to a U.S. classroom in need. Now, that’s enough reason for me to pick up some school supplies!

Want to see everything I bought? I thought so! Keep scrolling.




3D19246F-Yobi Unicorn Weekly Planner – $6.99

I can’t live without having some sort of planner! I use them to keep track of all of my deadlines and appointments. This one is SO CUTE and the perfect size.

FDA32E0B-Greenroom Letter Sized Pad  – $2.99

This notepad includes an area to write down your subject, dates, and priorities. I figured this would be really useful in keeping myself organized at work.

F3E81B67-Mead Compbook – $0.99
Greenroom Striped Spiral Notebook – $2.50
Yobi Printed Spiral Notebook – $2.49

E5257410-Greenroom Polka Dot and Striped Folder – $1.02
Yobi Grid Folder – $0.99

CFA6147D-Yobi Pink Glitter Ruler – $3.99
Yobi Pink Glitter Zip Pouch – $2.99

These pouches are really helpful when you have an important document you need to throw in your bag, when you’re traveling with tickets/itineraries, if you love to clip coupons, etc.

CF863737-Stuff & Things Pencil Case – $2.99

You could use this to keep all of your pens/pencils in one place, or for other random items you throw into your bag.

Mechanical Pencils – $1.09
Index Cards – $0.49 per pack
Metallic Pens – $3.00
Yobi Magnetic Bookmarks – $2.49

These are helpful to keep track of which page you’re on in your notebook, planner, or textbook!

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