A HUGE trend I’ve been seeing all over Instagram are lettered initial necklaces. After seeing amazing reviews of the sideways initial letter necklace from 6th Borough Boutique, I decided to purchase one! This adorable online boutique was kind enough to send me over some of their other best sellers as well.


Out of all the necklaces I received, my favorite is definitely their lettered initial necklace. The reason I love it so much, is because of the size of the letter. It’s pretty large and you can clearly see it from far away! This item is available in gold and silver.


For girls who are a little more simple, you’d probably love these dainty necklaces. The chain is gold, and the beads are available in turquoise or black!


If you’re feeling ~trendy~, then you’d probably love this next necklace. The lariat style is beautiful to wear on its own, or layered with your other favorites!


I think this triple strand necklace is perfect for the summer! If you love the layered necklace look, this necklace is actually three necklaces in one. Triple strand necklaces make your life super easy when you’re traveling or getting ready in a rush.


Did you find this blog post helpful? Leave me a comment below! Happy shopping!




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